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Nawwal Music Publishing, LLC is a registered Delaware Corporation and a proud member of ASCAP. Our purpose is to bring you enjoyable music that you can share with others.
Become an affiliate and earn commission
Welcome to Nawwal Music Publishing, LLC

You’ve come to the right place. Not just for help with publishing, marketing, distribution, and CD sales – that’s a given. NMP has developed a new model and set a new standard in the music industry for independent music artist looking to reach a global audience.

NMP was born out of necessity. As a young woman, I found it almost impossible to work in the entertainment industry without some kind of compromise of my music and standards. As a singer and songwriter, I wanted to perform music that had some integrity and taste. I did not want to compromise my music and standards but knew I might have to in order to fit in and get my music marketed and distributed globally or just played on the radio.

While living in New York, I witnessed too many of my friends and acquaintances compromising their music and standards trying to fit in and be accepted in certain music circles. I have wanted to do something about this and now I am determined to make it happen!

It’s impossible to sum it all up in a sentence or two – so I invite you to take a look at NMP’s Affiliate Program and Revenue Sharing Model, which is designed to help independent music artist market, distribute and sell their music globally with the help of a global sales team.

NMP’s goal is to become a leading distributor of independent music and related products and to offer independent music artist a global platform to grow their business.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy our music and come back often and support independent music artists.

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